This Land: The Story of a Movement, Owen Jones


Author Owen Jones Published by Allen Lane ISBN 9780241470947 EAN 9780241470947 Bic Code Cover Hardback

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On 12th December 2019, the Left died. That at least was the view of much of Britain’s media and political establishment, who saw the electoral defeat of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party as the damning repudiation of everything it stood for. Yet, just over four years previously, the election of Corbyn as Labour leader seemed like a sea-change in politics: reanimating not just a party in apparently terminal decline but a country adrift, with a transformative vision based on a more just, more equal society and economy. In this book, Owen Jones explores how these ideas took hold, how they promised to change the nature of British politics – and how everything then went profoundly, catastrophically wrong.


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