My House Plant Changed My Life : Green wellbeing for the great indoors by David Domoney (Author)


DK, 2021



Use the power of the humble house plant to combat the stresses of modern life!Succulents and indoor house plants may seem extra trendy right now, but these plants have more benefits than simply looking beautiful. Everyday products pollute the air in our homes and our mental wellbeing is threatened like never before. This gardening book reveals the best life-enhancing houseplants that can reduce stress, fight fatigue, and even lower your blood sugar.

Drawing on groundbreaking research, this book profiles the best air-purifying plants you can put in your home to reduce pollutant gases, particulates, and volatile compounds. Discover how these indoor plants can actively clean the air and improve your mental health through their colours, scent, habit, and nurturing needs. Explore how having leafy companions can help to unlock your potential:- Profiles of the 50 top air-purifying and mood-enhancing plants- Easy-to-follow advice and expert tips from David Domoney, award-winning horticulturalist – Informative text highlights the natural wonder of each plant- Feature spreads show plant combinations to enhance your mood in different ways- Step-by-step demonstrations of essential care techniquesPacked with expert advice, this book will equip you with everything you need to keep your plants thriving.

It also highlights mindful ways to nurture and increase your green guests: by misting, wiping, feeding, pinching, pruning, and propagating. Discover the Power of NatureThe ideal gift for your green-fingered friends, this book is perfect for urbanites with little or no outdoor space who want to increase the amount of greenery in their life.


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