Julian Doberski, Susie Holmes, Neil Bragg – The Science of Compost Life, Death and Decay in the Garden

Saturday 10th September, 3pm

Julian Doberski, Susie Holmes, Neil Bragg – Science of Compost: Soil, Decay and Growth in the Garden

How does compost work – and how can we do it better? In this event we are bringing together three of the country’s top soil scientists to help us understand how soil works, what actually happens when plants decay to make compost, and how we can use that information to manage and improve the soil we have in our gardens and on our farms. 

Julian Doberski, Susie Holmes and Neil Bragg will take an in depth, but practical look at the processes at work and what both inhibits and encourages them. Julian’s new book, ‘The Science of Compost’, will be available, and we will be taking pre-orders for Susie Holmes and Neil Bragg’s forthcoming ‘Gardener’s Guide to Soil’.

You can buy a copy of The Science of Compost here.