Friday 10th April. Thoughts about the last few days.

If you’re reading this, you’ve gone past the most important bit. It’s the ‘Shop – Click Here for Books’ just above this line!

It’s been a very full on couple of weeks. From creating this website, through to working out how to make it work in practice (the shop in Tetbury is now in effect a distribution centre), to dealing with the technical glitches (like sorting out various PayPal issues and discovering that 40+ enquiry emails had disappeared into a black hole), to finally sitting at home on Good Friday morning to draw breath.

We’ve also been affected by the closure of the UK’s book wholesalers, which means that we are wholly reliant on publishers and their distributors – who all have their own issues, and lead times stretching to a week to ten days.

However, we are sending out 20+ orders a day (mostly by post), and working through the backlog of enquiries. It’s also something of a challenge dealing with these as they come at us via the website, email, phone, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Which is fine, but it’s a lot to deal with, and only me (Hereward) doing the shop, and Kim doing the website.

That said, we are lucky. We are all safe and well, and all of us in the shop are doing our bit to keep the bookshops going and – hopefully – come out the other side.

I also get the pleasure of delivering to people, which is, actually, lovely. Without exception, people are tremendously grateful and appreciative, and love getting their books delivered.

Thanks to everyone. Have the best Easter you can.

2 thoughts on “Friday 10th April. Thoughts about the last few days.

  1. Hello from Bruxelles, I have two questions for you [1] why “Yellow Lghted” and not “Yellow Lit” is it to avoid a reference to LITerature? or have I missed something far more profound?
    [2] Can you find/order/send-toBruxelles a couple of Penguin Ernest Hemingway books for me? Men without women, & Movable Feast.
    Oh I just found a third question ~ do you ever sell 2ndHand books?

    Voila ! that’s it for now. Enjoy your trade [ In another life I had a bookshop in St.Albans ]. and stay safe at the Post office.
    Now I’m very lucky to be in Belgium, ~ Woman acting P.M. and no messing about here. Cops have Guns, attitude and yes we obey or else. Strict lockdown & very low numbers. Your Boris lot seem more worried about Economy than lives ~ haven’t figured that a dead business[wo]man is no help to the economy.

    1. I’m really sorry, I missed this. Firstly, we are named after the book ‘The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop’ (which is a book about bookshops and why they are socially important). Secondly, yes, we can happily send books abroad – even Belgium! We don’t really do secondhand books, but we can get hold of them if customers want. We do have a limited number of secondhand books about Tetbury and Nailsworth, though. Stay safe – and thanks for getting in touch. PS – better to email us at with questions!

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